The Walking Dead Isn’t About the Zombies

A fan webcast was talking about Season 8, so for close to a decade I’ve heard Walking Dead fans say that WD is NOT ABOUT ZOMBIES.

WD is about the people. About the relationships. About overcoming adversity and grief and horror. WD is about being human.

I finally get it. I got it by rethinking favorite (and non-fave) shows and films and plays and books.

Jaws is not about the shark. It’s about salt of the earth people in a small town expanding their sense of community and individuals transcending their instinct for self-preservation to protect everyone.

Star Trek is not about space. It’s about people of all races, genders, even species, learning about each other and treating each other with respect and dignity.

Jurassic Park is not about the dinosaurs. It’s about humility (instead of hubris), environmental consciousness and scientific ethics (even if we can, maybe we shouldn’t), and about family (even if you don’t have one).

Mad Men isn’t about advertising. It’s about combat veterans understanding the stupidity of war metaphors, about sexual license existing in the most prudish society, nostalgia for cancer sticks, boozy lunches, and history lessons in (or nostalgia for) racism and sexism.

So, enough already. Let’s bring it back around to women’s mixed martial arts, now that women warriors are being recognized and paid. All you anti-sports or apathetic-about-sports people need to realize that women’s MMA is not about women beating each other’s face bloody. It’s about overcoming childhood trauma, coming out of the closet, recovering from injury or homelessness. Most basic of all, it is about overcoming the disbelief that women can be strong and tough and determined. It’s about the beauty of the human spirit.

Remember this as they beat each other’s face bloody. Also remember that the blood doesn’t mean they have a brain-eating virus.