I Have A Superpower

I have a superpower. I possessed it all my life, exercised it all my life. I took it for granted, thought it was nothing special. I thought everyone wielded this ability as much as I did.

I make people happy.

My superpower is joy. I can generate it and share it like an energy field, like an aura. I can turn the sea of life into an ocean of joy. Together we can float, swim, and cavort.

Okay, I took that metaphor a little far. I don’t cavort.

A friend reading this said I kind of do cavort. Not physically, but somehow I do. I’m not sure about that. I know people that do a version of Snoopy’s happy dance and look good doing it. I’m not them.

Sometimes my wife tells me I’m smiling too much or laughing too loud, and to cool it. I’m not a suavé-bolo guy.

I’m certainly not a saint. I mean, not even saints aren’t saints. Or they are, by definition; what I mean is they aren’t perfect everywhere, all the time.

My bad moods also roll out in emotional waves. With rude or careless words and actions I unconsciously share my frustration, anger, sadness, or pain. Those vibrations return to me as reflected waves of negativity.

Bullies act out to mask their unhappiness. They make others more miserable than they are so they can deny their unhappiness. It only works briefly, so they keep acting out. They are cruelty addicts.

Recently as I conducted an interview a passing person said, “You have a very friendly voice.” I felt buoyed by his joyful smile and voice. I gratefully thanked him for the compliment.

Only upon reflection that evening did I realize I had sparked his joy. He radiated it back to me, sharing it with me.

A friend whom I considered a happy person told me he is usually grumpy. I didn’t realize he is unusually happy when he is with me.

I do it habitually, this spreading of cheer and goodwill. I do it because I feel good being kind and attentive. I like shaking hands and sharing a warm moment. I like saying hi with a smile. I guess I just internalized the Golden Rule.

By being happy more consciously, more mindfully, I can do even more good. With gentle words and helpful actions I lift others’ spirits even if I don’t notice, even beyond my perception, like making that person happy with my voice while I focused on an interview.

You have this superpower, too. You are a super powerful being. You affect the world around you constantly. You comfort, uplift, and inspire, when you care to do so. You can increase joy and happiness in this world.

To all of you who share your goodness and gladness with me every day, thank you.