Rachel Scorpio Has A Very Cool Name

We can get to know a person quite well in one conversation. First impressions count. Impressions go beyond the surface. We all tend to judge a book by its cover, a person by appearance, but for most of us our impressions go deeper. (For a cogent explanation of why, see Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink.)

Remember the name Rachel Scorpio. I am quite impressed by this young actor’s centeredness and down-to-earth confidence. She considers tenacity the key trait for success in the entertainment industry and understands the calm focus required to do the work.

I am reminded of meeting Harley Jane Kozak before her first significant roles, before I would see her on screen. Authenticity, sincerity. Intelligence, humor. Quiet yet palpable charisma. Likability that we now see pop through the camera.

As with Harley Jane Kozak and Keira Knightley, Rachel Scorpio starts with a cool, memorable name. (Family from Caserta, I believe). She also has the cool demeanor to walk the walk, and she has her team in place. I’m sure she will have a fast rise and an extended acting career. You can’t see her now, in August 2015, but maybe in 2016, probably 2017. Keep watching.


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